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Street Fighter

I've been in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) as a competitor for almost 14 years now.  Street Fighter is my game.  I started competing in 2009 with Street Fighter IV and still actively compete now in Street Fighter 6. Viper will always be my girl, but I'm currently a Luke main!

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I'm a big fan of cars, especially Hondas.  I finally saved enough money to get myself a 2020 Honda Civic Type R (his name is Keith the Hoodrat v2.0).  Although I haven't competed yet, I've been practicing at local tracks like Buttonwillow and Streets of Willow.  Soon, I'll be confident enough to compete!


So What's The Point of this Website?

I've had this website domain since college.  It used to be a blog, so I thought I'd revive it again.  I'll post my FGC/car adventures and share my tournament travel tips.  Interested in working with me?  Just click the "Book Me" button or Contact tab!

why jenix?

It all started with Arcade Infinity.  I just so happened to go on a random day when they were hosting a Street Fighter 4 ranbat.  An old friend of mine, Dan Tam aka SHGL BMX, was there that day as a competitor.  We hugged, caught up, and after a few minutes, he asked if I ever thought about playing Street Fighter.  Me? No way! I didn't play any games growing up, let alone a fighting game.  He told me about an all women's tournament, Ladies of Arcade Infinity, and how each player was supposed to find a woman they would mentor for the tournament.  

After a bit of convincing, I agreed to enter Ladies of AI and began my training.  After choosing the best character of all time, C. Viper, SHGL BMX told me he wouldn't be able to help since he mained Blanka.  That's when he introduced me to the best C. Viper player SoCal had to offer, Kryojenix.  After a few weeks of training, I showed up on the shoulders of my two mentors as Sherryjenix.

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