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  • What is the best mode of transportation?
    If you have someone in your travel group that is 25 and older, I highly recommend renting a car. It is the most cost efficient and reliable way to get around town. You get charged a hefty daily fee if you are a driver under 25 years old unfortunately. If not, some hotels offer shuttles that take you to places within a 5 mile radius. There Uber is also an option, but fares can get expensive. Make sure to group up and plan ahead!
  • Should I book Basic Economy since it's the cheapest?
    Basic Economy is a tier of tickets that most major airlines offer. It is great bang for the buck, but you do lose many privileges. 1. You won't be able to choose your seats, they will be assigned to you after you check in. 2. You will be the last group seated. This affects whether or not you have a carry-on bag. Sometimes overhead space runs out and they will force you to check in your carry-on bag (Free of charge). 3. Most major alirlines include a free carry on bag + personal item. Some airlines may charge you for a carry on. Make sure to check the rules before booking. 4. Non refundable. All airlines allow 24 hours cancellation free of charge for ticket purchasing. Sometimes you will be able to negotiate your way after the 24 hours, but it is a hard no refund policy for basic economy. I do think Basic Economy is a great option, especially traveling solo since you won't have seat selection to sit with your travel buddies. It is a great, no frills solution to getting yourself to a tournament on a strict budget.
  • How long do I need to check in to my flight?
    General Rules: When not checking in a bag, you have more freedom to make it to your gate. The ABSOLUTE deadline is 15 minutes before departure time. Gates close 15 minutes before departure time and they make NO exceptions to this rule. When checking in a bag, your absolute deadline is 45 minutes before departure time. They will not accept your bag after 45 minutes, which also means you won't be making it onto your flight. Because of this, I do my best to only bring a carry on with me to tournaments. More sleep!
  • When should I book a hotel room for a tournament?
    With how tournaments are selling out nowadays, I always recommend booking immediately through the tournament website if possible. The hotel rates that tournaments offer are unbeatable. The options listed on this website are only to offer other affordable alternatives to venue hotels once they are sold out. Keep in mind that most tournament hotels are fully refundable until a certain date, so you can always reserve and cancel later if you change your mind!
  • When is the best time to book air flight?
    Prices for flights always fluctuate. I always recommend booking at least THREE weeks before the event. Prices tend to increase as the weekend gets closer, so I always book my flights on Monday/Tuesday around 11am PST.
  • What do I do if I miss my flight?
    It is best to speak to customer service of your airline either at the counter at the airport or call it in. Most major airlines will put you on standby on the next available flight. (Unless you're flying Spirit, then you have to purchase another ticket most likely). Although you're not "guaranteed" a spot on the next flight since you're on standby, the agent normally puts you on a flight with high chances of making it off the waitlist. Look for other available flights to close by airports. For example, if I miss my flight back home to LAX and other flights are full to LAX, I normally ask for other flights to nearby airports such as LGB, SNA, BUR, or ONT. Make sure you learn of other airports near your hometown!
  • What are some things to bring with me to tournaments?
    Here is my general list: In the venue: Backpack for your controller/arcade stick, government ID, some form of currency, water bottle (there are water refill stations at the venue usually), hand sanitizer, protein bar/small snacks For hotel rooms: Body wash, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, DEODORANT Remember if you're flying and only bringing a carry-on bag, liquids must be in a container 3.4fl oz or less. No hair spray/aerosols allowed on planes!
  • What airlines do you recommend flying?
    My personal favorite is Delta Airlines. The amenities that each Delta plane provides are usually pretty nice. Other airlines I fly are JetBlue (most seat space for Economy flights), American Airlines, Alaska (took over Virgin America Airlines which used to be my #1), and United. My biggest recommendation is to NOT fly Spirit Airlines. Don't be tempted by their prices. They charge a fee for EVERYTHING, even printing out a boarding ticket. They have terrible customer service. I.E. If you miss your flight, you will have to buy a completely new ticket. Other major airlines would normally put you on standby for the next available flight.
  • Mods on my FK8 (2020 Honda Civic Type R)
    Engine Stock KSR Cold Air Intake with Vibrant HD Clamp PRL Catted Downpipe PRL Front Pipe Blitz Catback Nuke Oil Catch Can Temp Control Full Race Intercooler KSR Intercooler Piping with Vibrant HD Clamps PWR Radiator Setrab 911 Oil Cooler Improve Racing Sandwich Plate Electronic MoTeC M142 FK8 Package MoTeC C125 Logger Optima D51r Battery Additionally, Sensors by Bosch (Wiring by KSR) MoTeC Rotary Trim Switch MoTeC SLM Fuel Delivery Walbro 450 Fuel Pump X 3 (Lift, DI Main, Port Main) ID ID750 Fuel Filter x 2 (DI & Port) Radium FK8 port injector adapter ID 1300x Injectors Nuke Performance Fuel Regulator X 2 (DI & Port) Nuke Performance PTFE Line/Fitting (-6) Nuke Performance 3L Surge Tank Continental FlexFuel Sensor Brake/Suspension/Wheels Standard Brembo with 2 piece Rotors ARP Extended Stud Whiteline Sway bar/endlinks SPC Rear Camber JRZ RS Pro2 Advan GT 18x10.5 / 18x9.5 Front - 295/30/18 A052 Rear - 235/40/18 A052 Body/Aero J’s Racing Front Lip FK7 Bonnet with KSR Vent Side Marker Delete Fender Vent Guard Delete Voltex Type 7 SN (Reverse Swan Neck Upright by KSR) Safety Msel Isolator Recaro Pro Racer Schroth Racing Profi-xlt-2x2 Harness EVS Tuning 4Point Roll Bar KSR Front Tow Hook
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